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Paper by Ross, Julian, and Paul on endocytic maturation published in JCB

Congratulations to Ross, Julian, and Paul on their paper “Spatial regulation of clathrin-mediated endocytosis through position-dependent site maturation” now published in JCB.

figure from paper

Cargo regulates the transition between two quantitatively distinguishable phases of endocytosis. (A) Revised timeline for the CME pathway indicating the proposed temporal location of the cargo checkpoint. Proteins upstream and downstream of the checkpoint are listed under each phase. (B) Schematic cartoon illustrating the proposed mechanism leading to polarized endocytosis in budding yeast. In highly polarized cells, endocytic cargos (black arrows) are delivered primarily to the growing bud by exocytosis (gray arrows), locally accelerating the transition from the initiation and cargo-collection phase of CME (green spots) into the internalization phase (magenta spots). As exocytosis becomes depolarized later in the cell cycle, cargos are more plentiful across the plasma membrane, leading to global acceleration of maturation through the cargo checkpoint.