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Hello is there a doctor in the building?

Well, probably not the kind you need but we do have four new ones in the lab! Congratulations to Cyna, Yui, and Max on becoming doctors*!!! We had an amazing couple days of exit talks, commencement, partying, and family/friend time.

* none of us have actually filed yet, but we promise we will real soon

The graduates!!! Dr. Shirazinejad, Torvi, Iwamoto, and Ferrin! Congrats!!!!

Congratulations to Max and Emily on their new reconstitution paper in PNAS!

The culmination of work from Emily Stoops’ postdoc and Max Ferrin’s PhD was just published as David Drubin’s inaugural article as a new member of the National Academy of Sciences! In the paper they combine time-lapse volumetric confocal fluorescence microscopy with correlative light and electron microscopy to demonstrate the capacity of endocytic proteins to assemble on synthetic membranes and drive vesiculation in a cell-free system. This work was made possible by the excellent shared resources and expertise available to our lab on campus. Most of the fluorescence microscopy was performed on equipment managed by the Molecular Imaging Center, while much of the design and execution of electron microscopy experiments were carried out by Danielle Jorgens in the Electron Microscope Lab. Check out the paper here!

Reconstitution of endocytic actin networks on supported lipid bilayers.

Congratulations to Zane and Jonathan on their new Kar3 paper!

The dynamic duo is at it again, “taking our dynamics reconstitution assay a step further to dissect the differences between the two heterodimers of Kar3, the yeast kinesin-14”! In a heroic effort, Zane and Jonathan have looked at Kar3, Cik1, and Vik1 across the cell cycle in both cells and in our microtubule reconstitution assay. Seriously, it’s a majorly epic undertaking because they don’t just look at these three proteins localization and dynamics, but also their affects on microtubules! I’m so happy for them and their wonderful paper. Check it out here!

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