Barnes Lab Publications

Selected Publications

  • Phosphorylation regulates kinase and microtubule binding activities of the budding yeast Chromosomal Passenger Complex in vitro. [Cormier A, Drubin DG, Barnes G. (2013) J Biol Chem. Jun 27.] [Link]
  • Spindle assembly requires complete disassembly of spindle remnants from the previous cell cycle. [Woodruff JB, Drubin DG, Barnes G. 2012.  Mol Biol Cell. Jan;23(2):258-67.] [Link]
  • Ipl1/Aurora-dependent phosphorylation of Sli15/INCENP regulates CPC-spindle interaction to ensure proper microtubule dynamics. [Y. Nakajima, A. Cormier, R.G. Tyers, A. Pigula, Y. Peng, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes (2011) J Cell Biol. vol. 194(1):137-53.] [Link]
  • Overlapping kinetochore targets of CK2 and Aurora B kinases in mitotic regulation. [Y. Peng, C.C. Wong, Y. Nakajima, R.G. Tyers, A.S.Sarkeshik, J. Yates 3rd, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes (2011) Mol Biol Cell vol. 22(15):2680-9.] [Link]
  • Mitotic spindle disassembly occurs via distinct subprocesses driven by the Anaphase-Promoting Complex, Aurora B kinase, and kinesin-8. [J. Woodruff, D.G. Drubin, and G. Barnes (2010) J. Cell Biol. vol. 191(4):795-808.] [Link]
  • Dynein-driven mitotic spindle positioning restricted to anaphase by She1p inhibition of dynactin recruitment. [J.B. Woodruff, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes (2009) Mol Biol Cell. vol. 20(13): 3003-11.] [Link]
  • Nbl1p: a Borealin/Dasra/CSC-1-like protein essential for Aurora/Ipl1 complex function and integrity in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. [Y. Nakajima, R.G. Tyers, C.C. Wong, J.R. Yates, D.G. Drubin and G. Barnes. (2009) Mol Biol Cell. vol 20(6): 1772-84.] [Link]
  • The Kinetochore Ring Complex Moves Processively on Depolymerizing Microtubule Ends. [S. Westermann, A. Avila-Sakar, H.-W. Wang, D.G. Drubin , E. Nogales, G. Barnes (2006) Nature vol. 440(7083): 565-570.] [Link]
  • Formation of a dynamic kinetochore- microtubule interface through assembly of the Dam1 ring complex. [S. Westermann, A. Avila-Sakar, H.W. Wang, H. Niederstrasser, J. Wong, D.G. Drubin, E. Nogales, G. Barnes (2005) Molecular Cell. vol. 17(2):277-90.] [Link]
  • Architecture of the budding yeast kinetochore reveals a conserved molecular core. [S. Westermann, I.M. Cheeseman, S. Anderson, J.R. Yates 3rd, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes(2003) J Cell Biol. vol. 163(2):215-22.] [Link]
  • Kinetochore Protein Interactions and their Regulation by the Aurora Kinase Ipl1p. [C. Shang, T.R. Hazbun, I.M. Cheeseman, J. Aranda, S Fields, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes (2003). Mol. Biol. Cell. vol. 14(8): 3342-55.] [Link]
  • Phospho-regulation of kinetochore-microtubule attachments by the Aurora kinase Ipl1p. [I.M. Cheeseman, S. Anderson, M. Jwa, E.M. Green, J. Kang, J.R. Yates 3rd, C.S. Chan, D.G. Drubin, G. Barnes (2002) Cell, vol. 111(2):163-172.] [Link]