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Journal Club on Monday, May 13

For our Journal Club on May 13, Christa Cortesio presented the following paper:

ER-to-plasma membrane tethering proteins regulate cell signaling and ER morphology. Manford AG, Stefan CJ, Yuan HL, Macgurn JA, Emr SD. Dev Cell. 2012 Dec 11;23(6):1129-40. PMID: 23237950.

Manford et al Dev Cell 2012

Localization of the ER marker Sec61-GFP in wild-type and Δtether cells (ist2Δ, scs2/22Δ, and tcb1/2/3Δ).

Journal Club on Monday, April 29

For our Journal Club on April 29, Sun Hae Hong presented the following paper:

The molecular basis for the endocytosis of small R-SNAREs by the clathrin adaptor CALM. Miller SE, Sahlender DA, Graham SC, Höning S, Robinson MS, Peden AA, Owen DJ. Cell. 2011 Nov 23;147(5):1118-31. PMID: 22118466

Schematic representation of the model of VAMP8 trafficking from the plasma membrane.

Journal Club on Monday, January 7

For our Journal Club on January 7, Yidi Sun presented the following paper:

PtdIns4P synthesis by PI4KIIIα at the plasma membrane and its impact on plasma membrane identity.  Nakatsu F, Baskin JM, Chung J, Tanner LB, Shui G, Lee SY, Pirruccello M, Hao M, Ingolia NT, Wenk MR, De Camilli P.  J Cell Biol. 2012 Dec 10;199(6):1003-16.  PMID:  23229899.

PtdIns(4,5)P2-positive intracellular vesicles, visualized with GFP- or RFP-PHPLCδ, colocalize with endocytic clathrin machinery components (endogenous AP-2, epsin 1, and dynamin 2–GFP) but not with markers of endosomes (endogenous EEA1, GFP-Rab5, and GFP-Rab9), the endosomal phosphoinositide PtdIns3P (GFP-2×FYVEHrs), and Golgi-localized PtdIns4P (GFP-PHOSBP). For clarity, PHPLCδ is false colored green, and the second marker is false colored red in all images.